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United Gallery Image SEO for Miva Merchant

United Gallery Image SEO for Miva Merchant v1.000

Image SEO for Miva Merchant is important. The Unite Gallery module displays your product images in beautiful, responsive galleries, carousels, sliders, tilers, and and makes image SEO as easy as blinking. (demos below)

images displayed by the The Gallery Image SEO module for Miva Merchant using the Unite Gallery with "unite_compact_b" style setting.


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FastFAQs for United Gallery Image SEO for Miva Merchant

1. Does it work with Miva Merchant?
Yes! Super easy install, super easy to use.
2. Can I customize it?

Yes. There are a lot of custom options and themes. You can set themes and options in the module. For the best examples, go to the Unite Gallery home page to see them all and see the bottom of each of the menu dropdowns. Options can be different depending on what theme you select.

3. Can I see it in action in a store?

Yes, Scot's Scripts uses the default Unite Gallery setting. Another store that uses it is Skipjack Nautical Wares (link goes to a product). The folks at Skipjack mentioned that they have fallen in love with this gallery style.

4. Are there settings? What if I want to show text or something?

Settings? There are hundreds of settings you can use. The module has a spot to enter custom settings as well. See the gallery home page - http://unitegallery.net - and check the last option on the dropdowns for all the different options.

5. How does it help with miva merchant SEO?

Image SEO is a big, big deal, and Miva Merchant stores just don't handle it very well. The Unite Gallery module lets you customize your image ALT tag so that your products show up in image search results. You can also add more text so that your images have descriptions which helps SEO even more.

6. What about all these pictures?

Just examples of how the module works. The first couple pics are of the module admin. As you can see, like all of our modules, the admin is easy to use.

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The Unite Gallery is responsive, supports swiping with your fingers or mouse, has mouse zoom or pinch zoom, thumbnails and filmstrips, and more. Basically, this gallery has it all and it looks great.

Image SEO? Of Course.

ALT text and descriptions for every image in your store.

Demos - the gallery above is using this module.

Use the links below to see the different theme and style settings you can use with the Unite Gallery module.

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