{ "gallerytypes": [ { "code":"bx_slider", "name":"BX Slider", "descrip":"Popular slider gallery library with tons of options including a nice responsive video/html slider. If you want to mix text, images, and videos in a slider, this is the gallery to go with. Image sliders are not all that good for SEO, but if you create HTML sliders that include images using BX Slider you have the best of both worlds. BX Slider requires jQuery.", "url":"https://github.com/stevenwanderski/bxslider-4" }, { "code":"unite_gallery", "name":"Unite Gallery", "descrip":"Unite Gallery is one of the nicest new comers to the world of gallery plugins. Tiles, sliders, video, and many different options make this a great gallery to play around with. Unite Gallery requires jQuery.", "url":"http://unitegallery.net/" }, { "code":"photobox", "name":"Photobox", "descrip":"A lightweight CSS3 image & video viewer that is pretty to look and and easy to use. Works best on a grid of small square thumbnails. Includes video support for YouTube and Vimeo. Thumbs for videos should be the same size as thumbs for images. Requires jQuery.", "url":"http://yaireo.github.io/photobox/" }, { "code":"featherlight", "name":"Featherlight Gallery", "descrip":"A super lightweight image gallery. Fast, handles images and youtube vids. Requires jQuery.", "url":"https://noelboss.github.io/featherlight/gallery.html" } ] }