Sort Products by Custom Field for Miva Merchant

A specialized admin utility to help wade through products via custom fields.
Enjoy an advanced products search and sort utility. Includes checkboxes to change a product's active/inactive state.

Sort Products by Custom Field v1.000

This Miva Merchant Module lets you search and sort by custom field and toggle the active state of your products. It's a niche module, but powerfully useful for Miva Merchant store owners who need this sort of thing.

Image gallery by The Gallery module using Unite gallery with unite_compact_b setting.

License Required

Most licenses are good for the lifetime of the product. In some cases there may be an update fee for major version changes (v1 to v2, etc...)

License Fee: $49.00

Search for products then filter and sort the results by custom field.

This utility module for Miva Merchant makes it easy for store administrators who use custom fields to keep track of various product information and need an easier way to find custom fields in a list of products.

Features include:

  1. Real time filtering and sorting of results.
  2. Hide or display columns.
  3. Easily make one or more products in the list active/inactive.
  4. Simple install.

This is a specialized module, but if you're one of the people who need it your life will be made easier.

I've been told that, "It's pretty slick and way better than the built in Miva Merchant solution."