Scot's FAQ Manager for Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant Modules and Development
Scot's FAQ Manager is a simple but powerful FAQ management module for Miva Merchant

Scot's FAQ Manager v2.000

This Miva Merchant FAQ module removes the hassle of managing FAQs and other documentation by giving you a FAQ dashboard that makes it easy to create and update your FAQs.

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License Required

Take control of your FAQ and documentation system with this powerful FAQ module for Miva Merchant.

Manage unlimited categories, subcategories, and FAQ entries in one place.

Read FAQs and documentation in one place.

Stop answering questions and use that energy to make more sales.

Some of the features include:

  • All FAQs and documentation is in one place.
  • The FAQs display template is dynamic and full featured and easily customizable.
  • All templates have easy to edit CSS for full control.
  • Never be forced to create a new page for documentation and FAQ entries again.
  • Flexible data loading for things like bringing up FAQs related to a specific product.
  • FAQ entries can include HTML, storemorph, and any other valid store markup.
  • Link FAQ entries to pages, products, and categories.

Having a FAQ system saves you time. A lot of time. When you answer a support question by using Scot's FAQ Manager Miva Merchant module, you never have to answer it again.