Readytheme content manager for Miva Merchant

Content Wizard for Miva Merchant

Create alternate readytheme content and schedule when it displays.
ReadyTheme content is an easy to use in Miva Merchant. The Content Wizard helps manage and schedule that content.

Content Wizard v1.030

Create Miva Merchant readytheme replacement content for products, pages, and categories and control where, when, and how it is displayed.

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FastFAQs for Content Wizard
1. Does this work with my ReadyTheme content blocks?
Yes. The Miva Merchant Content Wizard will display your default ReadyTheme content unless you give it something else to display. So there's no changes until you want a change.
2. Can I schedule my content? What if there's a holiday sale?

Yes, you can easily schedule your Miva store content to display when you want it to. You can set up an entire year's worth of holiday sale banners in one evening and tell them when they should display.

3. Does this add DIV tags to my content blocks like ReadyTheme content does?

No. If you want "clean" content in your Miva store for things like CSS in the header or javascript calls, the Content WIzard will do it. If you don't have a readytheme Miva store, check out ProContent which also does this but does not integrate with ReadyTheme content.

4. Can I use this to help Miva Merchant SEO?

Definitely. You can create custom content for all of your products and categories and pages and use one little page item to display it. It's super easy to add extra content to your product pages outside of the normal product description area, so that means you can add meta tags, or different kinds of headers, whatever you want.

5. Is it hard to keep track of all the content?

No, not even a little bit. There is a button that will display all the content and you can sort the display and search for things, in fact, it really doesn't get much easier.

6. What about the headers and footers and other settings I see in the pictures?

Those are more advanced ways to control content but you don't need to use them unless you want.

7. How does it work, do I have to change anything in my pges?

Yes, you do have to change something, but it's very easy to do it.

First you have to turn on the Content Wizard page item, then you have to replace the ReadyTheme content page items that you want to use.

The normal ReadyTheme content page item is:

<mvt:item name="readytheme" param="contentsection( 'about-us-homepage' )" />

The Content Wizard page item is:

<mvt:item name="contentwizard" param="contentsection( 'about-us-homepage' )" />

8. Can I use smt/mvt programming in my content?

Not in the Content Wizard at this time. If you want to do that use ProContent instead.

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Content Wizard gives you advanced control over your Miva Merchant ReadyTheme content. Control when, where, and how content is replaced based on product, category, page and date.

Replacement Content

Create content for a page, product, or category and let Content Wizard make sure it is displayed instead of the default ReadyTheme content. This is it's most basic function and is very easy to use.

Header, Footer, Before, After

In addition to simply replacing ReadyTheme content, you can tell create content that will be placed above or below your ReadyTheme content, or separate header and footer content that will also be placed around your default ReadyTheme content.

Global Content

Do some of your pages share javascript libraries or CSS? ReadyTheme content adds DIV tags so you can't use it for CSS or JS. Content Wizard to the rescue! Don't worry about getting all your updates right ever again. Use the Content Wizard to place global content anywhere in your store. Update it once and you're done. Save time. Make money. Enjoy a beach.


You can easily insert content into your default ReadyTheme content by creating simple tokens. If you make a token called "extra-stuff" you can insert it into the ReadyTheme content by using the token "[[extra-stuff]]". It's as easy as that.

Schedule Content

What if you have some ReadyTheme content that is just for the holidays, or for a special sporting event? What if you don't want to remember when to put it up? Content Wizard can schedule your content to display and turn off at any time. Set and forget your Super Bowl ads and enjoy the big game instead.

Big Picture Overview

Don't worry about remembering where all the extra content you created is, what products it is attached to or anything like that. Go to the Content Wizard Overview to see everything in one easy to manage place. You can filter and sort and find what you're looking for without any hassle at all.