ProContent modular design for Miva Merchant

ProContent for Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant Modules and Development
Create unlimited content blocks in Miva Merchant. ProContent is like custom fields on steroids.
Sometimes Readytheme content doesn't cut it, and sometimes custom fields are too limited. ProContent gives you the best of both worlds.

ProContent v3.201

This Miva Merchant module helps you design the store of your dreams by making it easy to create unlimited smart content blocks. ProContent also features powerful product and custom banner rotation features.

Image gallery by The Gallery module using Unite gallery with unite_compact_b setting.

License Required

Take modular design of your Miva Merchant store to the next level with ProContent.

Use this content control Miva Merchant module to create unlimited content blocks and use them to build your store and product pages without any limits to your creativity.

Save time, create unique designs and layouts, rotate content blocks, create unlimited linked content, and do more in your store with ProContent. Possible applications include:

  • Create content blocks that are linked specific products, pages, and categories.
  • Display product rotations based on custom or categorical based lists
  • Rotate banners and other HTML content blocks in a variety of ways
  • Every ProContent block can have a global default
  • Load custom product, page, and category content at any time
  • Load content for instant or manual display
  • Create alternate page layouts based on product, category, or page with ease
  • Sidebar banners up that change based on the holiday season