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Add a blog list to your Miva Merchant global footer or sidebar.

Using Scot's Blogger to add a blog list to your Miva Merchant sidebar or global footer is great for SEO and customer interaction.

Examples & How To's

Putting a list of recent blog posts in your global footer or sidebar is good for SEO and helps increase web site interaction with your visitors. 

It's very easy to do this with Scot's Blogger.

Step 1: Assign Page Item to all pages that will have the blog list

Make sure the scotsblogger page item is assigned/turned on in the pages you want the blog list to appear on. If you want it to be global you will need to assign the page item to all pages in your store. 

Assigning page items: this will only take a few minutes.  Edit any page in your Miva Merchant admin and click on the ITEMS tab.  Then find the scotsblogger item and hover over the left side where a little "open" graphic will appear. Click that.

When the item screen opens, click on the PAGES tab and start assigning the scotsblogger item to all the pages you want the blog roll to appear on. The easiest way to do this is by using the checkboxes. You can make the checkboxes appear by clicking on the right hand side of any page item line.

Then just start checking the boxes until all the pages you want the blog roll on are selected. Once that is done, click the little + symbol box.

Step 2: Put the blog list in

This is the easy part. Go to the spot in your global footer or sidebar (or wherever) that you want the blog list to appear and put this code in:

<mvt:item name="scotsblogger" param="recent posts" />
<mvt:foreach iterator="post" array="scotsblogger:posts">
    <a href="&mvt:post:url;">&mvt:post:title;</a>

This will display a list of recent blog posts. The number of posts it displays is based on your scotsblogger default posts setting in the scotsblogger configuration. 10 is usually a good number for this, but it's up to you.

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The blog posts on Scot's Scripts are served by Scot's Blogger, a Miva Merchant blogging module that makes it easy to create a Wordpress style blog, rich content, and extra pages in your Miva Merchant store.