Upload manager for miva m erchant

Generic Uploads for Miva Merchant

Customer uploads for reviews, galleries, tax documents, and more.
Make it easy for your customers to upload images, documents, and other files with Generic Uploads for Miva Merchant.

Generic Uploads v1.000

Image gallery by The Gallery module using Unite gallery with unite_compact_b setting.

License Required

Most licenses are good for the lifetime of the product. In some cases there may be an update fee for major version changes (v1 to v2, etc...)

License Fee: $199.00


Generic Uploads for Miva Merchant is a flexible customer uploads management module that makes it easy to let your customers upload images, documents, and other files. 

Use Generic Uploads to integrate product images with reviews, create customer image galleries, customer product images, manage customer tax documents, images in customer profiles, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Customers can drag and drop one or more files or use a file selector.

Upload types for images can be set to auto-generate thumbnails.

Upload Types

Upload types are used to group different kinds of uploads. Upload type settings include:

  • name
  • code (used for grouping)
  • upload path
  • allowed file extensions
  • maximum file size
  • maximum number of files allowed
  • optional customer logged in requirement
  • filename tokens to build custom filename
  • custom status codes to flag uploads however you want
  • optional admin email notifications when a file is uploaded, including various tokens
  • Automatic thumbnails for image upload types, along with supported image extensions

Each upload type has it's own file list. If the upload type is for images, thumbnail previews are shown.

Upload Associations

Uploads can be associated with customers, custom types, custom type ids, and custom type codes. None, some, or all of these can be used together to create a system in which you can load groups of files based on this data and then display it in your store.

For example, you can associated uploads with a product code and a customer id. Customers upload images on a product page to show how they are using the product and the images can be displayed grouped however you want.

Another example would be to pair Generic Uploads with your review module, such as Easy Review by Phosphor Media, to let customers upload images with their review.


Generic Uploads is flexible enough to handle customer uploads in all sorts of situations. This flexibility in how you can use it could lead to cases where it's super easy to install or quite difficult to make it do what you want. Please contact us with any questions if you're not sure whether this module will work for your needs.

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