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ProContent / Overview


We are updating these FAQs to reflect ProContent 2.0, in the meantime ask if you have questions.

The ProContent module makes it easy to display custom content in your store based on what page, category and product your customer is on. Easy is the key word here: this module is easy to use because you don't have to go find it. It comes to you in whatever area you're working in: category, product or page.

ProContent gives you the flexibility to design your pages quickly. Imagine having an unlimited number of product field sto spread around the page, and having those fields linked to whatever product, page, or category your customer was in.


  • extra product information
  • rotating products, banners, or static HTML
  • use all available store morph technology
  • alternate product, category, and other pages
  • alternate page headings
  • display a video based on a product/category/page
  • simple to setup, simple to use, powerful results.
  • easy display a download button if there's a download
  • use it anywhere in your store
  • this list ends only when you run out of ideas
updated March 20, 2015

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