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Clicked: Click to Edit Products While Browsing

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Clicked: Click to Edit Products While Browsing v1.210

Clicked is the easiest and fastest way to edit your products and categories. Edit descriptions, names, custom fields, headers, footers, and more while browsing your store.


Only enter your current license if you are upgrading a trial license.

FastFAQs for Clicked: Click to Edit Products While Browsing

1. How does Clicked work?

It creates clickable areas in your store that you can edit while browsing. See a misspelling in your product description? Clickit and fixit!

2. Who can edit my store?

Only customer accounts with editor privileges can edit.

Otherwise it's like Clicked isn't even there. Seriously: unless an editor is logged in, clicked does and loads NOTHING. Your regular customers will never know, even if they look at the page source, that clicked is installed.

You set up your editors in the Clicked module settings.

3. What areas of my storefront does Clicked support?

At this time Clicked can be used to edit:

  • category name
  • category header *
  • category footer *
  • product name
  • product description
  • product header *
  • product footer *
  • product price
  • product weight
  • product cost
  • product inventory
  • product custom fields - text and textarea *

Let us know if you want an editable area added to Clicked; we're always looking for more!

* these areas can also optionally have create content buttons if content does not already exist (Clicked configuration setting.)

4. Is it a WYSIWYG editor?

Yes and no. The WYSIWYG functions are turned off for titles, prices, and other things that do not need HTML formatting.

However, for things like product descriptions,headers and footers, it's a full blown What-You-See-is-What-You-Get editor.

You can even adjust some of the formatting options on the toolbar in the Clicked configuration.

5. Is it easy to install?


To get your product header, footer, price, weight, name, and description editable takes a few minutes at the most.

6. What if I want to edit other areas that aren't supported?

Contact us and let us know what you need. If we can make it editable, we will!

7. Are there any limitations as far as supported editable areas go?

YES: This is very important.

Do not use Clicked on areas where you have page items or page entities. Clicked edits what is ON THE SCREEN, not what is behind the scenes.

For example, if your product description has any kind of &mvt:... (page entity) or <mvt:item... (page item) in it, do not edit that area with Clicked.

8. How about product and category headers?

You can edit these too. You can even create new category and product headers on the fly!

9. How do content templates work?

Super easy!

The product content template is simply based on a product in your store. Set up the description, header, footer, and custom fields the way you want them with filler content, and then when a create-content button is clicked, the template will be used.

Templates are optional and if you don't use them, then some default "temporary content" content will be used.

10. What about content that doesn't exist yet?

The module settings include an option to enable "create content" buttons that will be displayed when an editor is viewing a product or category that does not yet have it's content.

When a "create content" button is clicked, temporary content is inserted so the editor can take care of business.

These buttons can be used along with content templates (see below) to make your store totally template driven and allow you to have content creators for your products that never have to be given admin access.

11. Are custom fields supported?


Product text and textarea custom fields are supported.

Custom fields can also use templates. Just set up the template data in the product you're using for the template and your'e good to go.

Want FastFAQs for your store? Get the module!

DEMO - Try it out here!

Instant product and category editing.

"This module lets you or even someone you designate to make changes to Product Descriptions, Prices, Header & Footer content with ever going into the store admin! You can even edit content in the Category Header & Footer area. Super simple, super easy! Just click to edit." ~ Leslie Kirk, 20 years Miva Merchant experience.

"Clicked will probably save us at least 100 work hours per year. Thanks Very much, good work!" ~ Jake (Facewest)

Content Templates

For editable areas that do not yet have content, you can enable Clicked to display buttons that will create content and optionally create content based on templates. This feature is supported for product headers, footers, description, and custom fields, and category headers and footers.

Ever wanted to have a click-to-edit template driven store? Now you can.

Content templates let you create products and then have your content creators do their job without ever going into the Miva Merchant admin.

Content templates for custom fields allows you to easily create complex product layouts that are super easy to edit. You'll never go back once you've tried Clicked.

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