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Clicked Click-to-Edit Demo Page

Product Header

Click anywhere in here to begin editing. Try highlighting some text to bring up a formatting toolbar. In this case, the toolbar has all options enabled in the module settings.

Edits are not saved for the demo and links on this page may or may not work as expected.

Editable areas:

For this demo, you can edit the product header, footer, price, and weight.

Notes on price and weight: Clicked is smart. It will only save the number so you don't have to worry about formatting or what else is in the edit field.

Clicked Click-to-Edit Demo Page v0.000

images displayed by the The Gallery Image SEO module for Miva Merchant using the Unite Gallery with "unite_compact_b" style setting.


Only enter your current license if you are upgrading a trial license.

Price: $10.00

Weight: 5.00 pounds

FastFAQs for Clicked Click-to-Edit Demo Page

1. How does this work?

Click on supported text areas to edit them while you are browsing your store.

2. How do I get formatting to work?

Highlight some text or double click on a word to bring up a floating toolbar.

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