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Shipping and Return Policy

Product Support

Free email support provided for purchased software products. Phone support available upon request provided on a consultation service basis.

Sales and Returns

All retail software purchases are eligible for an exchange or refund. Please contact us within 7 days of purchase to request an exchange or refund. A store credit for the full purchase amount is provided for exchanges. Refunds are processed subject to a 15% license processing fee.

Deposit or balance purchases applied towards custom development projects are non-refundable once the development process has initiated on the following day or the software has been delivered. Payment in full or a partial deposit is required before the development process can be initiated. All remaining balances must be resolved before any software can be delivered.

Purchases or deposits applied towards support services, such as consultation, database repair, storefront setup/administration, module installation, etc. are non-refundable once the service has been invoiced, billed, and completed.

Shipping Methods/Costs

All software products are available for instant download through our secure software delivery system free of charge. Software download links and license keys can be referenced through your account here.

Payment Methods

We accept Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover Card for online purchases. Only the cardholder may order and license any software, product or customization, as required by law. By placing an order, you attest that you are the cardholder AND the licensee and that you either own or have authorization to install or use the product(s) in regard to the domain for which you are licensing the modules and/or scripts under.


We respect client privacy and take every step to maintain confidentiality in the highest degree. We will not discuss your business or contact information with any other parties.

  • get the module
    Watermark is a powerful Miva Merchant module that automatically watermarks your images with text, graphic overlay, or both.

  • get the module
    eCommerce blogging and content manager for Miva Merchant. The Blogger adds a Wordpress style system to your Miva Merchant store that makes it easy to blog about your products and create unlimited content for your Miva Merchant store in a sophisticated WYSIUWYG content manager.

  • AMP - a must for 2017 SEO!

    get the module
    AMP for Miva Merchant will put your products and information into the AMP world. It's an easy way to increase sales and visibility. Don't be left behind, add AMP for Miva Merchant to your store today.

  • FastFAQs: it's never been easier.

    get the module
    Spend less time answering questions and more time making your business grow. FAQs have never been easier. Fast and easy automatic folding FAQs for products, categories, and pages. No hassle, simple to install, convenient and easy to use FAQs.

  • FAQ Manager: doc management system

    get the module
    This Miva Merchant FAQ module removes the hassle of managing FAQs and other documentation by giving you a FAQ dashboard that makes it easy to create and update your FAQs.

  • Scotmail Campaign Manager

    get the module
    Flexible and powerful email campaign software that ties into the Miva Merchant ecommerce platform and gives you more control over your newsletter campaigns than you thought possible.

  • ProContent: configurable custom content

    get the module
    This Miva Merchant module helps you design the store of your dreams by making it easy to create unlimited smart content blocks. ProContent also features powerful product and custom banner rotation features.

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