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What Customers Say

Clicked is FANTASTIC! The best site management and productivity utility for the dollar. I correct typos, adjust pricing, and add info right on the product page... no searching in the admin. The time we save working on our store with over 1000 products is priceless! ~ Alison Elder, Skipjack Marine Gallery

Perfect! Thanks for all of the expert support you have provided. The Blogger module has evolved into a very useful tool for me now and I would recommend it to others wanting a built in blog for Miva stores. ~ Kris Larson, Larson Shutter Company

We are very impressed with the custom module and the benefit it brings us and to our customers. It’s a first class addition to our store. ~ Michael Stone, Dynamic Home Decor

Your tech support goes above and beyond! Just wanted to let you know it is appreciated. ~ Jeff Lighthall, Mouse N Around

I purchased a module & needed more features, they came through with updates in days. I cannot over-recommend these guys. ~ Steve, Live Set Apart Books

Things are working very well with your software and we appreciate your good work and prompt completion. ~ Kathleen, Play Hard Productions

You solved a problem in minutes that frustrated us for days. We appreciate your help. ~ Dave, Melinda's Fabric Shop

The new menu is EXACTLY what we wanted, you guys came through in style! Thank you very much. ~ John, Widget Supply