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scot's miva scripts

Sending Messages

How To Send a Message

Step 1:

Click on the send message link. If you have not created a message to send, do that first.

Step 2:

After you click on the send message link, the delivery room will pop open (javascript must be enabled for this)

Step 3: send a test message

It's very important to send a test message to yourself before sending it to five thousand people on your mailing list.

Preview the HTML, make sure all the tokens are working right, proofread, make edits; once the mailing goes out you don't have a second chance, and if you want people to think you are as professional as you do, it's important to get it right.

A great way to test messages is to create a mailing list for testing purposes only. Put two or three of your own email addresses in it, maybe a hotmail, yahoo, and one from your own domain, then send the message to your test list. View it in all your email accounts to make sure it looks right. Then when everything is the way you want it, you can send it to your lists with confidence.

Step 4: the delivery room

If necessary, select a mailing list from the drop-down list.

Check the log smtp errors box if you want to review any errors later.

If you want to filter your messages, select a filter and put the value in. For example, if you wanted to send only to people living in California, you would select state for the filter and put CA in as the filter value.

Click on the start sending emails when you are ready to begin.

The outgoing mail process: do not close the delivery room until finished

When emails are being sent, the delivery room window will show you which emails are being sent and how many have been sent total. If for some reason the process breaks or stops before it's all over, no problem.

The system keeps track of where it is so if your computer or browser crashes, just go through the send message steps again and when you get to the delivery room, you'll see a link about continuing where you left off.