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Wordpress style shortcodes to help with common tasks.

Scot's Blogger

If you're familiar with WordPress, you've probably heard of shortcodes. These give you an easy way to put various kinds of information in your post.

All shortcodes can start with scotsblogger or sb. 

NOTE: There should be no space between the [ and the sb or scotsblogger in the short codes. There is here in the docs because otherwise the shortcodes would render.

display link to an article

[ scotsblogger post some-article-slug link ]

[ scotsblogger post scotsblogger-shortcodes link ] = 

display various article data [ scotsblogger post some-article-slug title ]

[ scotsblogger post scotsblogger-shortcodes title ] = 


[ scotsblogger post scotsblogger-shortcodes author ] = 

[scotsblogger post scotsblogger-shortcodes author]
display example MVT item in a blog post [ scotsblogger mvt:store:code ] = 

display font awesome icon [ scotsblogger fa icon-class ]

[ scotsblogger fa fa-eye ] = 

product data: insert product data into post
Use any normal product variable -custom fields are not yet supported
name, price, formatted_price, header, footer, etc... (header/footer support
in v2.2.2)
[ sb product product_code name|price|descrip|etc ]

[ sb product scotsblogger name ] = 

Scot's Blogger and CMS

[ sb product scotsblogger descrip ] = 

category data: (v2.2.2) insert category data into post
Use any normal category variable -custom fields are not yet supported
name, header, footer, etc...
[ sb category category_code name|header|etc ]

[ sb category modules name ] = 

Miva Modules

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The blog posts on Scot's Scripts are served by Scot's Blogger, a Miva Merchant blogging module that makes it easy to create a Wordpress style blog, rich content, and extra pages in your Miva Merchant store.