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The link manager is a super powerful feature of Scot's Blogger, especially if you are into eCommerce blogging and like to use affiliate links.

Have you ever hard coded affiliate links into your blog posts only to have your affiliate say, "We're changing the link, too bad you have to update 500 links in your posts by hand."

Well this won't happen to you again. The link manager makes this a thing of the past.

The Link Manager Screen

Click on the LINKS tab in the Scot's Blogger admin to open up the link manager screen.

Let's say you want to link to Scot's Scripts.

You would enter a name for the link, the clickable text that someone would see, enter a simple code, and then the url. For example:

Display the Link in a Post

Once you've created the link you use a simple shortcode to display it in a post:

That's it. The reader will see Scot's Scripts and it will be a link to scotsscripts.com

The beauty of this is that if at some point the link url changes, all you have to do it edit it in the link manager, not your posts.

Edit the Link

For example, if for some reason I wanted to change my Scot's Scripts link to go to my modules page instead of the home page, I would edit the link and change the URL to my modules page:

Now every time the shortcode is used, the new link will come up without any extra effort.

Advanced Usage

The link manager has some depth to it as well. You can create multiple links with the same code and have them display in a particular order on the page by using the same shortcode. You can also use the wrapper to add extra html to the front and back of the link. This is useful if you want to display banner graphics or advertisement affiliate graphics and you want to enclose them in CSS containers so the display just the way you want.

Link Associations

Another advanced aspect of the link manager is that you can associate links with products, pages, categories, and custom codes. This way you can load up links for particular products, even if the links are sharing the same code as links that are not associated with the same product.

We tried to make the link  manager as flexible as possible so there are really unlimited uses, especially if you mix it with the organizers, another powerful CMS and blogging feature of Scot's Blogger.

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