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Are you missing your product images after updating your store to a Miva Merchant ready theme?

You're running a Miva Merchant ecommerce store and you've just updated your store to a Miva Merchant Ready Theme. Things look great except you're missing your product images. Don't worry- you don't need to upload them again. One quick export/import will fix most of the problem.

Miva Merchant Storemorph

After updating a handful of stores to the new Miva Merchant Ready Themes, one of the main issues I've run across is getting the product images to work right.

The new Miva Merchant Ready Themes are a nice upgrade from the old CSSUI pages however if before the upgrade your store didn't have a "main" image type, you'll need to set a "main" image for each of your products after you update.

This should work for all of the Ready Themes.

Step one is to export your product data.


Miva Merchant product export screen - Scot's Miva Scripts

Replace File: set this to ON

Email File To: this is the easiest way to get your file (otherwise you have to FTP into your site and download it)

File Delimiter (on the right): set this to TAB

In the EXPORT FIELDS section, click the "uncheck all" link, then select the checkbox next to Full-sized Image.

Leave all the other settings as is and click the Export button (top right)

Step two is to edit the product data.

When the file arrives, open it in a spreadsheet program (I use LibreOffice Calc, a nice open source project.)

You'll see two fields, the product code and the URL to the main image.

Rename the main image column to this:

IMAGE_TYPE:_MAIN_IMAGEimport main image- Scot's Scripts Miva Developers

Save the spreadsheet in the same format (csv) that you opened it.

Step 3 is to import the product data.

Return to the data management screen and select the option to add/update products (2nd from the top):


A box will appear that you can drag and drop your product csv file to. The import is automatic and when it's finished your products will have a main image.

Multiple Product Images

If a product has multiple images they will need to be added to the product by hand or by module if someone comes out with one.

Open the product then click on the IMAGES tab then click on the ADD IMAGES button.

Click on the ADD button on the next screen, then select:Miva Merchant, add image on server - Scot's Scripts miva developers


The base graphics path is:


If you have multiple stores, the number changes and you'll need to check in the store settings what the graphics path is.

Add An Image

Let's say your image filename is PRODUCT3.JPG

That makes the path:


If you're not sure, you can preview the images by bringing them up in a browser window:


If your Miva Merchant Ready Theme store has hundreds or thousands of products with multiple images, this solution probably isn't going to work for you. Take a look in the Miva forums for discussions about this and consider hiring a Miva Merchant developer to create a custom image import module for you.

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